Melendez Wins Trilogy

After 15 rounds, the trilogy between Gilbert Melendez and Josh Thomson is
over. The war, however, may not have been settled at Strikeforce:
Barnett vs. Cormier
on Saturday night in San Jose, Calif.

Melendez won a narrow split decision in the rubber match between the two Bay
Area friends, although many in attendance at the HP Pavilion booed the

Melendez was faster out of the gate, taking the center of the cage, cutting
off the majority of Thomson’s movement. He continually pressured Thomson
throughout the fight, sticking his jab in Thomson’s face and landing some good
body shots, especially early on. He also mixed in several takedowns, putting
Thomson on his back early in the fight.

Gilbert Melendez vs. Josh Thomson at Strikeforce Barnett vs. CormierBut every time Melendez got Thomson to the mat, he
would pop almost immediately back to his feet. Though he couldn’t get his
patented ground and pound assault in action with Thomson, Melendez did catch him
on the way back to his feet with punches and knees several times in the

Just when it looked like Melendez might dominate his way to a decision,
Thomson kicked into gear.

Thomson put Melendez on the mat with a tricky trip takedown late in round
four. Melendez gave up his back while trying to escape, and Thomson took full
advantage, jumping on Melendez’s back and locking on body triangle. Thomson sunk
the rear naked choke, but couldn’t slip his elbow under the champion’s chin.
Thompson road out the round on Melendez’s back, but couldn’t find the

Gilbert Melendez vs. Josh Thomson at Strikeforce Barnett vs. CormierThe fifth round was another good one for Thomson as his
striking was more fluid and quicker than it seemed earlier in the fight, and he
scored the trip takedown again. This time he couldn’t dominate as he did at the
end of round four. Once he got Melendez to his back, Thomson primarily held him
down, while Melendez fired off a flurry of punches from his back until the final

The judges scorecards read 48-47 across the board, two of them in Melendez’s
favor, one for Thomson, keeping the Strikeforce belt around Melendez’s

“We know each other real well. It’s a battle of the bay. He’s a tough guy,”
said Melendez after the fight, although he didn’t side with those booing

“I thought I won most of the rounds. I know he took me down in the fourth
round. I thought I had control. I just started cup-caking it out there. It
wasn’t my best performance.”

Thomson, however, didn’t side with Melendez’s detractors either.

“He’s one of the best fighters, if not the best in the world,” he said.
Adding, “He fought a great fight. Tonight wasn’t my night; the judges gave it to

The frustration of being the Strikeforce champion, where the majority of
fight fans and many pundits say that Melendez can’t prove his position as one of
the top lightweight fighters on the planet, appears to be wearing on

He admitted that he had a difficult time getting motivated for the fight when
he has everything to lose with little to gain fighting opponents like

“It’s just not as motivating. I have everything to lose; he’s got everything
to gain,” Melendez stated. “I’m in a lose-lose situation with Josh. Even though
I won, I lost.”

Gracie Pleasant Hill

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